White War Defender V2

By Egon on February 3rd, 2019
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: White
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3 4
1 0
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I remade my Charrdian's look :)

Finally I got the Braham's chest, and because of that, I had to change his shoulders and leggins to be more suitable. I add the same desc from my previous guardian's look, to not get bad voting because of missing text :D


When the Throx was a cub, he was the smallest one in Fahrar. He had to endure the mockery, fight for his thruth and opinions among other Charrs, and the nature blessed him - soon he became the biggest and strongest Charr in the Citadel! But his mind was different from the others - although many young Charrs were eager for war against the people and other nations, he joined the Vigil to understand the major threat for Tyria - Elder Dragons. Throx soon realized, that he has to defend poors with his power he got. That's the meaning of the blessing.


Greatsword & Focus: Frosforged (skin)

As I choosed the biggest Charr physics possible, it requires to choose the best fitting armor. In fact, most of the armor pieces made him look fat instead strong and beefy. I had a restriction - Radiant gloves and Braham's chest were the base thing, all armor is chosen to fit with them, wings as well. Dyes are toned to fit with the weapons.


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