White War Defender V2

By Egon on February 3rd, 2019
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: White
Vote Breakdown
6 3
4 0
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I remade my Charrdian's look :)

Finally I got the Braham's chest, and because of that, I had to change his shoulders and leggins to be more suitable. I add the same desc from my previous guardian's look, to not get bad voting because of missing text :D


When the Throx was a cub, he was the smallest one in Fahrar. He had to endure the mockery, fight for his thruth and opinions among other Charrs, and the nature blessed him - soon he became the biggest and strongest Charr in the Citadel! But his mind was different from the others - although many young Charrs were eager for war against the people and other nations, he joined the Vigil to understand the major threat for Tyria - Elder Dragons. Throx soon realized, that he has to defend poors with his power he got. That's the meaning of the blessing.


Greatsword & Focus: Frosforged (skin)

As I choosed the biggest Charr physics possible, it requires to choose the best fitting armor. In fact, most of the armor pieces made him look fat instead strong and beefy. I had a restriction - Radiant gloves and Braham's chest were the base thing, all armor is chosen to fit with them, wings as well. Dyes are toned to fit with the weapons.


looks great
2019-02-17 13:06

Fashion Guru
Thank you! :-)
2019-02-18 7:09 in reply to Bamen

Fashion Guru
Hilarious quickbrand material :)
2019-03-01 19:24

Fashion Guru
What do you mean?
2019-03-02 7:01 in reply to Nice

Fashion Guru
Imagine that chunk supporting you ^^
2019-03-02 10:08

Those horns tho!
I didn't know charr had the option to make such huge horns!
2019-03-03 0:21

Fashion Guru
That you can fight easily, if he will stand beside you. :-)
2019-03-05 3:20 in reply to Nice

Fashion Guru
There are also more brutal options than these :-P But I liked them, they're kinda unique.
2019-03-05 3:47 in reply to Nice

Is this Earthshaker ? =))))
2019-04-21 10:37

Fashion Guru
Who is that? :D
2019-05-13 12:10 in reply to arcaon