The Lightbringer

By LadyLou on October 16th, 2018
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Purple
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'Sent from the dream to bring light to the darkness, Lleucu was born of the cycle of dawn, when light begins to take over from the darkness.
Her weapons, sword and shield are made of pure light, the perfect weapons for taking on the darkness. Her sword however, Dark Harvest, was a trophy for taking on Mordremoth's champion minions... A reminder to any who face her to be warned...

As a loyal Guardian to the pale tree, she was not phased by Mordremoth's ill attempts at manipulating her mind.' - a small intro to Lleucu Roddwrgolau

The main point of this look is too make this sylvari look tough on the outside, but kind and gentle underneath.


Fashion Guru
Very nice. I think we're on the same wavelength as I recently created a purple look for my Revenant that makes use of the Primeval gloves and the Renegade Casque. Though my look is themed around the Legend Mallyx. I haven't found a good spot to take screens of it yet. :(
2018-10-16 16:08

This is my Guardian, strange i know using the renegade casque but i wanted to make her look a bit scary, the firebrand helm just wasn't doing it for me xD the main theme was slayer of mordremoth so I just took some screens in verdant brink! Do you have a new theme for it? :)
2018-10-17 6:24 in reply to Dace

Fashion Guru
Several new themes as I have been on a flurry of new looks. I'm very proud of a lot of them as I've incorporated the Specialization armor pieces into many of these looks. For my Revenant her new looks an Emerald Knight I created for a chest piece that I really loved. Since I use different armor sets for different builds that became my power build. That one makes use of the Spellbreaker armor piece. I use the renegade casque for her condi DPS build. That one is more purple and the overall theme is an agent of Mallyx. I made that look appear more dated and worn out as if she had seen a lot of battles. My Weaver got a new look which uses her weaver antipodes. I've been working on that one for a long time as I always liked the whole fire and ice interplay. My Guardian got a look themed around being a dragon hunter, making use of the dragon hunter gloves. That one is kinda sorta themed around a Mordrem hunter and I'm hoping to get one or two of the Modrem Champion weapons before I take pics for it. At least the sword and longbow. Though I still need to get one more piece of armor before it's ready for pictures. Then my Engineer got a new look themed more around being a Scrapper while making use of the Holosmith shoulder piece. I reused the jacket from an earlier look and then switched out most everything else.

I'm hoping to get at least one of those looks posted this week. I've narrowed down one or two possible locations for a series of pics. I think they're all nice looks. Though I feel you on the Firebrand headpiece. I really want to use it but I can never find a look where it actually fits.
2018-10-21 22:41 in reply to LadyLou