By Iahen on July 12th, 2018
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Silver
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« Daughter, it is with the heavy heart that I send you to travel this world which surrounds us. You will visit other nations and protect the weakest. You will be the sword of our people, you will be the shield of the widow and the orphan, you will be a spark of hope for this world plunged into darkness” said the Pale Tree to Wolräg.
She answered the request of her mother and left discovering the surrounding world. She took the weapons numerous times, and counts are the ones who died under her blade. Although her will was of iron, the corruption, the loss of precious friends and the sadness of this world eventually got the better of her. As she couldn’t fulfill the wish of her mother, she exiled herself in the desert rather than facing the shame of her inevitable failure. She gave up her duty and left for the Ascension. But now the tranquillity of the desert sees itself perturbed and the call to arms resounds again.


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The screens look good but it's hard to judge the originality of the armor and the dyes without them being listed :( Still I do like what I see.
2018-07-13 4:28

I didn't see the option to put them, but I fixed it, enjoy :D
And thanks for your comment :)
2018-07-13 10:13 in reply to Dace