Miellan - Little witch in training

By The Pumpking on April 13th, 2017
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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Day 1:

Dear Diary,

That's how you start a diary, right?... Anyway! I met his human in the Grove earlier, and it told me about how I can tell about my adventures to a book, so here I am! What fun!

My name is Miellan, and I'm a Sylvari. It has been 6 hours since I emerged from the Dream, and already I'm confused about absolutely everything! Ventari says "All things have a right to grow", but what about dead things? Why can't they grow? So I asked my fellow saplings, and they just laughed at me! Just because something is dead doesn't mean I can't make it grow, Cairen!!! I'm mad at them, so I won't talk to them ever again, especially Cairen....

Day 2:

Hello again, Diary, its me! How are you? Oh... right, you can't talk... sorry!

So I forgot to tell you about the stick. Well, it's bigger than a stick... its bigger than me...its more like a staff, really... actually, it is a staff.... Nevermind! I remember having it in the Dream, and then, when I was born, it was there with me! The others think it's ugly: its dull gray, and the end of it looks like a dead arm. But it is mine, and I love it! I'm thinking of hanging something from the end of it, I'm not sure what yet.

I found out I can make magic with it! The teachers say it is called Necromancy, and that is what I am: a necromancer. My siblings thought this was another reason to bully me, that I was mocking Ventari's teachings about life. Its okay now, I'm two days old, I'm a grown up! I can take it.

... I can't take it, Diary! I don't like staying here with them! They are mean, and I am going to leave! I'm going to learn about Necromancy somewhere else.

Day 6:

I'm really sorry for not talking to you sooner, Diary! I hope you can forgive me! Its just that I found out the world outside the Grove is tough, much tougher than I thought! The other day, I saw a spider bigger than me! And I'm not talking about the mosquito...

I made my way to a land west of the Grove, where there are many of the little Asura creatures. I was told they know just about everything, so I went there to see if they knew about Necromancy. I met this one Asura, who called himself Necro-summoner Phitt. He's a necromancer, and he knows how to make living things out of dead bodies! It's beautiful! And he told me he would teach me a few things. I can't wait to begin! He also gave me a pointed hat! He said "you can't be a true necromancer without the symbol of your craft!" It fits right above the petals on my head, it's perfect!

Day 7:

Diary! I made a.... thing! It floats and has things dangling down under it. I called it Twig! Phitt told me I shouldn't get attached to it, since it would die sooner or later, but I don't believe him. I love Twig, and we will be friends forever!

...Twig died! I don't know how, but he just... exploded! So I tried to create him again, and he exploded again! I am so sad right now... Oh, and when he exploded, he kinda broke half of Phitt's lab. Phitt was mad, said he needed to get a "war-and-tea" if I kept doing that.

What does tea have to do with war...?

Day 8:

Phitt said I needed to leave. He said I was hopeless at making minions. I guess he is right... maybe I'm not a necromancer after all...

Day 15

Diary! I met another necromancer! Her name is Bria, she's a human, and told me that minions weren't the only thing Necromancers could do! She took me in her house to teach me, I can't wait!

Day 15 again:

So... Bria's a ghost... and she's really evil! Turns out she wanted to do some experiments of necromancy on a Sylvari. So I grabbed a greatsword lying on a table, and guess what? I can do magic with that too! And I'm really good with it, just like my staff! Bria disappeared, so I left the house.

Oh! And just when I was passing by the door, the hand on the end of the staff "grabbed" a lantern hanging by a chain! I can't get it off, so I guess that's what my staff will look like from now on. Besides, I really like it! It glows green!

I think what I've learned from Bria is that I'm my own best teacher. I'll just go out into the world and have adventures! So here's to that!

I'll tell you all about it, Diary! You're a good friend.

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Fantastic work! I always found the skirt choice difficult to dye but u pulled it off well.
Love your story too and how she interacts with the diary. Cute!

Screens are very atmospheric and well taken.
2017-04-13 18:55

Fashion Guru
Very original armor combination and lovely presentation. GJ :)
2017-04-13 21:27

Thats quite the cute witch look you got there :D
I love the original armor-comb and the colour-scheme you chose for it, great job!
The staff is just a perfect fit, Gold from me.
2017-04-13 21:47

I love how you tell your story!
2017-04-14 1:51

where was the picture with the skulls taken? :O
overall pretty good, everything below gold would be troll.
2017-04-14 15:25

The Pumpking
Thanks :)
The picture was taken in the small shack in Queensdale, near the Shadow Behemoth. There's that Norn necro with the cursed book that spawns an undead creature.

It's a very specific angle, but it turned out nicely!
2017-04-14 16:51 in reply to imp8395

Wow just perfect! Reminds me of Adventure Quest Worlds, just the right amount of classic with a bit of humor and silliness to be fun =D Great armor choice, lovely screens, lovely story, solid gold for you =)
2017-04-14 19:44

Elessar Taralom
I am really impressed how you mashed all these different skins and made them look THIS good!
Your armour mix includes a few skins I personally donĀ“t really like, but you made them look awesome regardless
The dyes are on spot and work very well with her skin colour in particular
Your presentation is also spot on, really nothing to complain about here, perfect upload, full gold ^^
2017-04-14 20:54

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
Best quality screenshots i have ever seen, nice armor mix, perfect dye choice. gold for sure
2017-04-15 16:59

This is a really great look! The armor set is adorable, and the way she talks to her diary is even more adorable! I also like how you worked in the staff, and how it didn't originally have the lantern, but now it won't let go.
2017-04-18 16:24

This is so adorable! You've convinced me to invest in the Wizard's Hat myself!
2018-08-17 23:25

very cute ;) gold for sure
2018-11-04 19:28