Crawlers of the Abyss

By Eremite on November 12th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Black
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12 3
2 0
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Night had fallen upon the land of the living...and as those who breathed fell deeply asleep, safe and content in their little homes, a different world began to stir...

Little Abbey moved swiftly down the tiny cobbled trail, as fast as her short legs could carry her. It was almost midnight and she was yet to be home. Her thoughts drifted back to earlier in the day when she had rested under a small grove in the woods after a tiring day at school and fallen asleep, only waking moments ago. Her thoughts came back to the present as a foul stench filled her nostrils. "What was giving off this stench?", little Abbey thought, as she pulled her woolly cloak tighter around her shivering body.

*SNAP!*, the sound of breaking twigs. She spun around towards the woods beside the trail. Was something there? *SNAP!". The sound came again from somewhere further ahead. Little Abbey was rooted with fear, gazing left and right. Something WAS there.

*BOO!*, the boy shouted as he jumped out from a nearby bush. Abbey gave a startled shrill and burst into tears. "You meanie!", she cried, wiping away tears with her still trembling hands. "Scaredy cat! Scaredy cat!", the boy laughed as he made funny faces at her.

But slowly...the boy stopped laughing as he noticed a change in Abbey's face. The anger and relief on her face at seeing him, was fading little by little. There was something new there...and it scared him. Her eyes...they were wide with terror as they focused on a spot behind him, and her cries started to stifle.

And even as the foul stench wafted from behind and the coldest of shadows fell upon him, he somehow managed to find his trembling voice as he reached out a shaking hand towards Abbey..."help me...", he stuttered, as a tendril writhed slowly around his neck...


Mmm...another dark look...and another dark story...even if the look is stale...I hope the short story isn't!

I was inspired to make this look when I saw the sylvari's newest harstyle! It reminded me so much of the game Street Fighter's titular antagonist, AKUMA.

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Really nice look. I try using the Flame Legion Legguards with my human, but the little triangle at the belly does always look so "meh".
With Sylvari and the dark "skin"-color it fits very well.
Nice weapons, the focus matches perfectly with the Glowing Crimson Mask. And Eye of Rodgort really is in spotlight- I like that.
And although I am not a fan of the shield in this look because in my opinion the particle-effect is a little too much, I can not give less than Gold.
2016-11-12 3:35

Fashion Guru
At first look I wrote this off to another black blob look. I think you used just enough color variation to move away from this. You character creation is spot on. Your choice of hair, facial features, and the red glow really make the look. Your weapon choices tie in the red elements very well. Combined with a flawless presentation deserves you gold.
2016-11-12 18:24

Ty! I didnt like the small belly hole too! It kind of spoilt the look when in the night my sylvari skin glows red =(
2016-11-12 18:36 in reply to Fenral

Ty! I tried using more colors like iron ash and midnight ice with abyss. but i have no idea how to color my flame legion leggings to fit this look so i just went with all abyss there XD
2016-11-12 18:38 in reply to jesandsteven

although this is very dark, I like how this outfit looks! the glowing eyes really add to the creepy look and look fantastic with the machined sword and so does the hairstyle with the glowing red shine.
def one of the better dark looks! :)
2016-11-19 8:29

TY! glad you found it creepy =)
2016-11-19 18:41 in reply to Chro

Lanaya Mirrorblade
Slightly too dark but the armor mix is pretty great-
2016-11-23 22:24

Ty =)
I love dark looks though haha.
I thought your Aerlac design could have been darker but it was great too with the teal contrasting with the weapons and dark color.
2016-11-24 7:30 in reply to Lanaya Mirrorblade

Fashion Guru
I don't care about the belly hole, this is scary!! Gold for looks, screens, and overall mood!
2017-02-08 6:39

Thx for checking one of my older works! And I'm Glad u found it scary which is what I try to aim for for most of my dark themed looks =D
2017-02-08 23:32 in reply to shopaholic