The Apprentice

By shopaholic on October 8th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Brown
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7 6
1 0
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Hi all - I love this amazing new headpiece and wanted to use it for a Mad Max style post-apocalyptic look.I felt this staff and the Tempest's Loop gave a high tech edge to my ele's tribal feel, hope you like it!


Elessar Taralom
Very interesting mixture of styles here, I wasn´t sure at first sight, but I think it´s quite an original idea
The colours look really cool and I dig your screens, nicely done ^^
2016-10-08 9:47

Simplistic (less is more) design and badass screens.
2016-10-08 13:27

Blue Citrus
Great screenshots, simple design and good colours... I love it!
2016-10-09 5:06

I'm not a fan of the chest piece but still this is gold worthy. Gold!
2016-10-09 6:45

I could definitely see this in the mad max world, and I love the slim feel of it!
2016-10-11 11:42

Fashion Guru
The use of the staff with the shoulder is really very nice, and creative armor mixture. More of a description and/or story to go along with the look would be nice. Still a sold gold look.
2016-10-13 3:45