Megalokk - The Demolisher

By Megalokk on July 29th, 2016
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Black
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The Unbound, Unbent and Unbroken ultimate Blood Legion Charr, ready to smash skull and kick asses.

I tried to make an aggresive look for Mega, so it could pass the true spirit behind this character.


System gives silver from my grades but the looks alone + screens I grade gold. Sure, twilight and red + black with it aren't the top league of originality. But you did great putting it all on night dark navy background and connecting it with similarly coloured pattern in twilight afterimage. The red spinal blades add to the effect.

Did not miss the human skulls on your armor (meaningful given it's a charr) or that awesome talking screen where it indeed looks like a threatening pose if one does not know the context.

For looks - gold. But for very short description and lower in originality (cause red+black+twilight) system made it a silver.
2016-07-30 10:00

Fashion Guru
Maybe you can add some screenshots in the char selection so we can see it like more neutral
2016-07-30 12:27