By NanaItalia on April 28th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Brown
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47 7
2 0
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My story is simple, I was born to fly. Even in my dream, I saw myself high above the ground gliding through the clouded sky. The first years of my life, were a bit frustrating, since I didn't know, how to fly as a Sylvari. But then I heard about the Charr inventing a flying ship. So I went to the Black Citadel to become a pilot. The Charr wouldn't let me at first but I found a gladium with knowledge of technologie who was willing to teach me... after some eh... let's call it negotiations. So I had the flying-skills in theory, but was only allowed to clean the airships, not fly them... stupid Charrs. They were making fun of me and kept calling me 'flying squirrel'...
My time as a pilot started when the Pact started recruiting for the fight agains Zhaitan. After some training and a cours, where one of the Asura engeniers told us about the newest upgrades of the ships, I was finaly able to navigate an airship myself. Everything fell into place for me on this day, and I knew, right behind the steering wheel of an airship, is the place, where I belong.
After Zhaitan was defeated, I was without work, and became pilot for a guild of traders. I now call the "Happy little boozer" my flying home and travel the skys across Tyria.

Hey guys :)
Kenny wanted me to do look for a Sylvari, so I played around with skins and somehow this is what happened xD It's kind of a steam punk look with some organic materials to keep a bit of the Sylvari feeling and also I thought the Vestments of the Lich look pretty cool with the leggins. I had some green dyes used at first, but decided this variant looks better.
My guildleader said she looks like a 'Flughörnchen' (flying squirrel) (in a positive way xD) and I really liked that idea.
The dredge canary, I think, I have it here, because it's cute xD I really like it and the metal fits the look imo. I would so love to have the scribe backpack, I have in the preview screen. I need scribe lvl 150 to craft it and can't really find the motivation to level my scribe... but one day, I'll have it :)

So, hope you like her ;)


Elessar Taralom
That is such an adorable concept I am literally squealing right now!
This top piece is so hard to use and you went such a creative route with it! As soon as I saw the title for that look, I knew immediately what you were going for and it is just so brilliant!
I love that she looks like a quirky superheroine and the Steampunk influence is always appreciated!
The dyes just bring it across so well and the screens are captivating!
I am in love with her, have all my gold !^^
2016-04-28 17:28

The concept is so awesome and unique :O
I love the somewhat steampunkish appearence of her and you found perfect dyes to go with that theme!!!!
The weapons and screenshots are amazing, so this an easy Gold for a VERY unique concept :D
2016-04-28 17:41

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
NANA! u make such awesome sylvaris! they are great ! i like seeing them as always ^^
2016-04-28 17:54

Perfect screenshots!
And those goggles, they couldn't fit better :D It even looks better with the amazing dyes you used; not just in the goggles :)
2016-04-28 19:26

Amazing concept ! *-*
What a unique idea. I love the steampunk vibe of your look ! The colors and mix are perfect and the screens are so beautiful and cool :)
Also perfect use of this canary focus it's so fitting !^^
Same for the backpiece it goes so well with the steampunk style!
It's a clear and well deserved gold ! :D
2016-04-28 19:54

Awww, thank you so much Elessar!
When I read that you're squealing, I was about to squeal too, out of happiness ;D
I'm so glad you like her so much *so happy*
And thanks for gold :)
2016-04-29 6:18 in reply to Elessar Taralom

Thanks Hylek :)
I'm so happy you like her.
2016-04-29 6:19 in reply to Hylek

Haha, this look is acutally your 'fault' kenny xD
Without you saying, I should do a sylvari look, I wouldn't have played around with this character.
So thank you ;)
2016-04-29 6:21 in reply to Deathblade Kenny

Thank you Migg :)
I actually bought the aetherblade set just because I had to have the goggles for this look :)
2016-04-29 6:22 in reply to Migg

Thanks Acethyle! So happy you like her ;)
I love the canary, it's so cute and I actually had used it for a long time on this character.
2016-04-29 6:24 in reply to Acethyle

She so fabulous when she walks. One of the best non-cultural mix I've seen on sylvaris ! I genreally don't really like them, but your's awesome. The story and screens are just amazing too, if I could I would have give you a thousand golds !
2016-04-29 8:39

Fashion Guru
I think a part of me died of cuteness when I read the title of your look!!!
And I am still dying over this look! I simply love the idea and the concept you made such an exceptional job using this top piece in a very creative and fitting way and I am absolutely in love with every piece of your outfit!
I always wished for a nice look with the Aetherblade- headpiece I personally love this little piece but never thought of something nice and fitting but did such a great job by incorperation this armour piece to your look!
The colourscheme is on spot and beautiful and I lost my soul in those screens, they are so stunning and perfect!
Everything about your Sylvari is so adorable and beautiful and awesome and I cannot tell you enough how much I love it. I am truely in love with this wonderful creation of yours! x3
Gold, all the Gold!!!
2016-04-29 10:25

Gold! Your screens and dyes are amazing!
2016-04-29 11:28

she is so cute!
it's always great to see that chestpiece used in a fitting way :) she is definitely unique and the dyes are on top, as always!
nice look
2016-04-29 16:59

Fashion Guru
Amazing concept!
2016-04-29 19:36

Thank you so much, Pattou :)
I love it, when she walks, too xD
2016-05-02 4:27 in reply to Pattou

Awww, thank you so so much. I love, that you love her and am really moved by so much praise :)
This whole look wouldn't work without the headpiece, I had to buy the aetherblade set, when I saw the combo in preview^^
Btw, you're german, too, right? :)
2016-05-02 4:34 in reply to AnaChronism

Thank you Eremite! ;)
2016-05-02 4:35 in reply to Eremite

Thank you Chro :) I'm glad you like her.
2016-05-02 4:35 in reply to Chro

Thanks, jesandsteven :)
2016-05-02 4:36 in reply to jesandsteven

Fashion Guru
And you did a very good job by getting this helmet it really looks amazing on that look!
And jepp, I am :D That's why the title of your look already made me too happy x3
2016-05-02 18:54 in reply to NanaItalia

Amelia Syleste
Fashion Collector
I reeeeally, really like your Sylvari! I've never seen a more unique spin on Steampunk. Great color choices, great armor choices, great screenies! Well done!
2016-05-20 20:26

Just WOW. Perfect job you did here.
2017-09-16 8:41

Wooooow this is soooo pretty!!
2017-10-30 17:27

Thank you :)
2017-10-30 18:50 in reply to Miimmsss