Tribal Tempest

By Skit on January 20th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Red
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1 5
4 0
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My Sylvari Tribal Tempest. Main char with my favourite look. Tried to make him look as evil as possible as a skinny Sylvari.
Sadly any decent shoulders with a skin or gloves look way too big on this char.

Yoga Fire!


Except the weapons that don't fit at all, I really like it, red sylvari are not the easiest to create, more screen would be great !
2016-01-20 9:35

Elessar Taralom
Especially the top half of this looks great, good use of this mask! I agree about the weapons though, you should definitely change those
2016-01-20 10:03

Thanks for the feedback! I changed the weapons to crimson, since they are red and should fit better, I hope. Also added few more screenshots.
2016-01-20 11:19 in reply to Pattou

I like the dyes and armor mix :)
2016-01-21 10:55

I really like the idea of this set! Agree with weapons and maybe I'd change something on the bottom. But top part and dyes are GREAT!
2016-01-21 16:09

What exactly do you dislike about the weapons? After the others criticised the yellow ones I switched to the red and thought they fit quite well. Or are you talking about dagger/warhorn in general? Warhorn because of Tempest.
For the leggings I tried so much, sadly couldn't find anything that fits better imo.
2016-01-21 16:59 in reply to Myuzuki