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I am a man... Now that that's out of the way, let me introduce myself! I am Princess Mittens, known among my guildmates as Dangerous Video or just plain old Mittens. How I got my name is a long, questionable story that may not be appropriate for this site. I am currently in the PvE guild Renegatus [Ren]. I play PvP casually, but my heart and soul rests in PvE. I am an avid dungeon and fractal runner that follows the meta and knows how to play my preferred classes to their full extent to achieve the best possible outcome in a run. In order of what classes I play the most: -Ranger -Necromancer -Engineer -Mesmer -Warrior -Thief -Guardian -Elementalist -Revenant? Anyways... besides Guild Wars 2, I have a PS4 and enjoy shooters and RPG's. I am a college student. I like knives, alcohol, marijuana, and anime/manga. Especially anime/manga! As for things I dislike: dead animals, dead people, hangovers, bad grass, lag, homework, and dying. I also dislike dealing with money. It's stressful as hell. Anyways, I love you all