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Hello!! I'm a 25 Year old Male, you may call me R.K, but my gamertag has always been DeepbloodEclipse(IKR, edgy as hell, but I've used it since I first got into gaming). I started playing GW2 since launch, but then quit and didn't play again for years, I started up again about 2 months ago and have been hooked since. I play on Whiteside Ridge and my most used Races are Human and Norn, I have 1 Sylvari, 1 Char and 1 Asura as well for the sake of it. I heavily focus on PvE content, but I have discovered I'm not half bad at PvP either, still prefer PvE tho. I have atleast 1 lvl 80 character for each class, but even so I like making too many alts cause I really like this games character customisation and making all the various outfits is fun, I guess that makes me a so called altoholic. When I figure out my costumes, I don't have a favourite design or theme or colours I like to focus on, instead most of my costume ideas come from seeing as little as a single piece of gear, and then I proceed to build around that. Only problem is, I don't have a lot of the exclusive gear skins that come with fractals and raids, since I haven't managed to really get into them yet, even tho I've been playing GW2 most of my free time since starting up again, I only have around 3k AP, due to the fact that I just like goofing around, levelling alts, exploring, creating outfits and just doing world events in general. I also play other MMO's that have a popular character fashion community like FFXIV, ESO and SWTOR.