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I'm out. Reason being, as I have found this website to become more and more of a joke. Reminiscent of a high-school clique; if you are a part of this userbase's guild, then you have the attention and votes of the entire group. Else, you are ignored critique and the like. New users are either pushed from the site, reprimanded for not conforming to their standards, or assimilated. Not to mention, that should you find yourself not favored by members of the guild, you will have rumors created about you and your looks will suffer for it. Petty, childish, and disgusting behavior. I have personally had this happen to me with a user who I thought was friendly and trustworthy enough to speak with. Once this user created this blatant lie, he spread it knowing that the users of the guild would not question him. I have been harassed in-game over this by several players -- only to have it resolved by an unbiased and unaffiliated user who heard of this rumor from other stylists. The voting system is flawed, not allowed a comment to be left tied with a vote, leading to votes with no explanation as to why a vote was given. Users also seem to not know how to vote accordingly and use the voting system at all -- voting with wildly differing opinions from look-to-look, making you question their consistency. All in all, this website favors a select few people, and disregards the rest. I haven't noticed this recently, as the buildup was months long coming to this point. The general feeling of this website and its community is no longer the same as it was when I first joined. It's hard to share looks and styles when this website is the embodiment of stress, pettiness, and childish behavior. And with that being said, deuces.