Abnoxa Noctis

By Exitus_Letalis on November 11th, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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3 6
1 0
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My Reaper's current look. Something simple and dark.


Very classy look :) I like how red lips works with glowing mask.
Not sure about dye job. I don't mid about all black looks, but shere is some black, shadow red and turquise. In my opinion it doesn't work.
You can go for black and add some hints in lighter color, as you did it in shoulders. it looks awesome ;)
2015-11-11 6:48

Fashion Guru
Ty. Leystone armor have some blue details that can't be changed so I matched it with shoulders. I use shadow dyes often because they are darker than black dye, I want abyss but it is too expensive.
2015-11-11 11:15 in reply to morriganiontko

Fashion Guru
Hey I like the look and it shows how diffrent a piece can work in another setting :D i used the leystone chest with the zodiac leggs ;P

I guess classy is i good word to discribe ur look, the dyejob could have been better with the shadow blue maybe but most important is that u like it :)
2015-11-11 12:33

Fashion Guru
Ty, Zodiac legs are nice too. :)
2015-11-11 15:49 in reply to Becii