My Druid

By Exitus_Letalis on November 8th, 2015
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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4 10
2 0
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My Ranger got makeover, popular wings and new fabulous longbow. :)

Shoulders: Carapace
Chest: Carapace
Legs: Viper's
Boots: Bladed

Back: Glittering Wings
Weapons: Glittering Longbow, Fractal Axe, Crystalline Blade

Dyes: Black, Indigo, Shadow Magenta, Electro Blue


Fashion Guru
Omg I love her! So beautiful! Can you please tell me the slides for her face? I want that *__*

Nice screens and I really like the blue ribbon enveloping her, matching her wings ^_^
2015-11-09 2:53

Fashion Guru
Ty. :) I used this exclusive face from total makeover kit

I don't have screenshot of sliders, but i made her nose smaler, narrow head, uper lip is medium, lover lip is fuller, bigger eyes, thick eyebrows placed lower wth higher angle, medium jaw, lean cheeks.
2015-11-09 3:09 in reply to mazu

Fashion Guru
Aah thanks! I'll try that out :D
2015-11-09 3:35 in reply to Exitus_Letalis

So so so beautiful! Night screens make your look even more magic :3
I just don't like boots, they are to bulky for me. It's so hard to find nice looking medium boots. I like only Human T3 and Magitech ;_; so don't mind my opinion about boots hahaha :D
2015-11-09 9:14

Fashion Guru
Ty. I agree about medium boots. I like Bladed boots, but they look kinda heavy for this look. Magitech are ok for female, but for male are epic. I like human T3 boots on male. Vipre's boots look good only on female Norn.
2015-11-09 12:59 in reply to morriganiontko

Shiroi Nightingale
2017-08-31 7:56