Amazon Inspired-Sylvari Female

By GummyBearSummoner on October 11th, 2015
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Brown
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Another look I created for my sylvari for when she heads into the jungle (HoT).

Hope you guys like (:

I know im not the best screenshot person out there >.> not to mention boring posing lol.

As for the different hair color/style, I guess any of those 2 could work for the look I was going for.

Edit: decided to add a yellow tone to not make it too dark. Looks better imo honestly.


I love the mix but you should use more color, it's too dark ! Silver from me, because of the color, would be gold with good color.

Maybe some green/yellow or purple/orange, something like that :) !
2015-10-11 5:19


thanks for tip(: added a nectar color(goldish) will update a photo of the new look ^.^ but yea I agree, too dark on the original look
2015-10-11 5:43

Arilla Minz
Wow that looks really awesome!
2015-10-11 6:34

ITIarathon Mako
This looks nice, well done. :D
2015-10-11 7:19

ITIarathon Mako
As a side note, have you tried taking screenshots in higher settings? It does not hurt if it's only for a short while, haha.

Also, I really like the white coloured hairstyle. :)
2015-10-11 7:21