Essence Onslaught

By Serendipitous on September 11th, 2015
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Red
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0 7
11 2
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Born of the Pale Tree, I am a child of nature by birth right. I have the powers of life and death, abilities I owe to a past life when my soul was reincarnated into this vessel. It was in Orr while battling in the campaign against the Elder Dragon Zhaitan that I found my true calling, my Wyld Hunt. While exploring I stumbled upon a temple of Grenth. Within its cold and desolate chambers I felt at home. An Avatar of Grenth appeared before me and answered many of my life long questions. I'd searched the world over and at last found answers. I now live as an Acolyte of Grenth, doing his will in my travels across Tyria. My dark wings and hooded mask protect me in the ongoing battle against the Elder Dragons..


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