The "Rave" Guardian

By snatchdragon on June 19th, 2015
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Black
Vote Breakdown
12 10
8 0
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This look is inspired by the "rave"/edm scene with the fury boots and gloves, bright colors and glowing weapons. The Daydreamer Wings add a nice touch! What do you think?


Very cool look with nice colors. Creative.
2015-06-19 20:39

First Style Supporter
Very different, interesting colors.
2015-06-19 20:42

Fashion Guru
Well I guess this is astyle you either love or hate.
This not so much my taste. I'd change colours a bit so that they fit to the wings or just leave the wings and stick to the crazy style ;)
2015-06-20 3:45

I love the colors, but i don't go with the mask here, it looks too bulky while the rest of her look is very smart.
Have the same problem with my sylvari guard. There is no "beautiful" heavy mask.
Nevertheless you get a gold from me ;)
2015-06-20 5:23

Hey thank you all for the support and comments! Ive really taken these in for consideration, I want to see if i can make look even better :3
2015-06-23 10:33

Fashion Guru
I very much like it! Wings are optional but works too :)
2015-06-27 2:54