Classical Norn Elementalist

By El Cazador de la Bruja on April 26th, 2014
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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10 7
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Name: Alfhild Olgasdottir

Ok, I tried to make a Norn Female that is as kickass as possible ( ie as Norn as possible). So nothing that would be considered as "armor" ( or "showing weakness"), the most muscular body I could find and this is her.
Also I tried to incorporate all four elements into the gear, so she has Lightning and Ice in form of her daggers and Earth/Fire in form of her gloves.

I still need to find some kickass boots, so suggestions would be welcome.
Update: I finally decided on Aetherblade Boots. Also I tinkered with the colors. Main picture is new accordingly.

Head: hidden
Shoulders: hidden
Chest: Vigil
Gloves: Fused
Legs: Koda
Shoes: Armageddon

Daggers: Koda and Mystic

Dyes: midnight gold, midnight teal, pitch, autumn and deep maple


Well I think the armor choices are great! And the concept pretty darn awesome. But that back piece doesn't really fit in with your theme, and the colors of the armor could be varied up. Perhaps some norny-earthy colors like browns or some tans. As for shoes, I think the cultural T2 would look awesome. And a fantastic name you've got there too!
2014-04-26 19:54

El Cazador de la Bruja
Thanks, I put a lot of time in this.
I view the backpieces as just for fun items anyway. I dont show them all the time and I consider them as only partially belonging to the look. I might try some of your suggestions. I also have the Trickster Shoes in mind.
2014-04-27 3:55

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2014-05-04 9:26