Hipa Estrella (Mesmer)

By Hipa on March 18th, 2015
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Brown
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52 12
2 0
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Hipa Estrella, "sheep of stars"~

My pvp lockdown mes. I love charr light armor since it is challenging to work with all the clipping and make it look clean and practical, while also keeping the armor looking a bit industrial/charr-ish :) also charr look nice in browns and greys and I don't get to use these colors a lot in the other races I play. 24th/final character for my main account until revenant

Weapons: Eternity, Unspoken Curse, Accursed Chains, Aetherized Pistol, Scythe Staff
Back: hidden (back pieces are too detached for this look, looks much better without any back skins)


I really like her. She looks somehow majestic and befitting for a Charr mage.
2015-03-18 17:39

Fashion Collector
I love this; it's streamlined and roguish. The gold accent adds interest to the neutral color scheme.
2015-03-18 18:10

Extremely well done, and, honestly, this is one of the very few characters that looks good with a Sunrise or Eternity.
2015-03-18 18:44

Very good one :)
2015-03-18 21:24

Fashion Collector
Thanks :)
I wanted to give him something flashy despite plain colors because he is a mesmer, so I took the color scheme from the grip/hilt of Eternity as his colors. Twilight didn't fit and sunrise's aura was too bright, so I just stayed with eternity :S
2015-03-20 17:25

Fashion Guru
Interesting look. It's very varied but somehow it all works together.
2015-04-15 19:44

Fashion Guru
Hooray, someone's messing with the magus stuff! You've swapped out most of the trouble pieces - I really don't like the magus gloves, pants or shoulders - and replaced them with pieces that work well for those slots. Well done!

For future improvements, I'd say look into other greatsword skins and boots. Eternity is awesome, and you should take every opportunity you can to flaunt it, but I think that look might work better with scorpiones. Can't really give a good recommendation for boots, though - I'm partial to path of koda, but you might find that a bit too bulky here.
2015-05-07 5:55

I'm just in love :o
2015-05-11 20:58

Fashion Collector
Thanks! I like the Whispers Greatsword and Fellblade, or even the Guild Sunderer/Hero's GS with this look as well (but I hate skinning over my legendaries for the stat change use), but I wanted him to have something flashy and mesmer-y so I just kept eternity. I might change it still if just the right greatsword comes out, but right now his colors are based off the hilt on Eternity, if I change it I want a gs with the right type of metal, or a charr sort of feel, minus the cheap textures of older skins like the Legionarre GS/Etched Avenger and the clunkyness of skins like the Greatsaw, or the reds and yellows in swords like Whisper/Aetherized. Shoes I still can't figure out, so I just leave the tier 3 on :P Waiting for Anet to stop being so outfit-happy and release some more PVE or gemstore armor sets :(
2015-05-18 17:37

i like your mesmer here! gj :)
2015-07-28 16:28

Looking good, gj !
2021-02-27 11:51