Overly Manly Mesmer

By Reema on December 11th, 2014
Race: Norn
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: White
Vote Breakdown
5 3
3 2
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Once I saw this MANLY stache, I tried and tried to get the perfect outfit for it. The perfect one would have a monocle AND a top hat, but this one does fine. The answer was quite simple: Heritage armor. Colour it white, because it looks ordinary in black (and this guy is not a chimney sweep and we are not at a funeral either) and use some other manly colours like Hot Pink and Banana. The dance was made for this outfit, even though Alfonso Ribeiro did not know this back then.

The alternate colour scheme on the second picture is Abyss/Celestial/Purple.


Genius, just genius!
2014-12-12 15:18

Fashion Guru
This makes me so happy tbh :)
2015-04-30 9:15

Tawna Noel
2015-12-21 1:19