Yer Charr Dad (The casual charr)

By Jayrab on May 26th, 2023
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
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Charr have no sons but that doesn't mean they can't be dads.

This is a very casual outfit for a medium armor Charr. If you're not into being a spectacle show or an edgy ninja with spikes everywhere, then maybe this look is for you.

This guy is just a commoner, trying to make his living as an engineer. He loves building and fixing stuff. He's not a born adventurer but he occasionally gets thrust into one. He fights with his mighty fixing hammer and a makeshift shield he built himself. On occasion he will also pull out his trusty, antique flintlock he inherited from his own old man. And his trusty backpack has everything he needs for his strolls across the country side.

When he's not being forcefully thrust into combat, he also loves to partake in his favorite hobby: fishing! As he loves to say, women love him, fish fear him!

When adventuring with this lad, don't expect to be spared by his mightiest weapon, his awful dad jokes.

(Because I can't seem to be able to save the armor, here's the armor pieces I used.
Head: Reading Glasses
Shoulders: Hidden
Chest: Angler Vest
Gloves: Hidden
Legs: Duelist Pants
Feet: Heritage Boots

Mace: Droknar's Forge Hammer. (I also used the Fixer Upper before, which also fits. It's a Wrench instead of a hammer.)
Shield: Pirate Barricade. (May want to replace this with the Improvised Shield soon)
Rifle: Wheelock Rifle


Gold cause you brought back the milk.
2023-06-05 5:26