Research : Among the GORILLAS

By ieva on January 5th, 2023
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Green
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No living (non-corrupted) gorillas can currently be found in the game. Orrian Gorillas are gorillas that became corrupted and are now minions of Zhaitan.
Some may remember Gorillas in the Mist is a 1988 US feature film (starring Sigourney Weaver) based on the true story of zoologist and behaviourist Dian Fossey and her studies of gorilla behaviour.This is a small tribute to the gorilla researcher Dian Fossey. Gorillas were her life. Her commitment to the protection of the mountain gorillas, one of the world's most endangered species, is undisputed. 37 years ago, on 27 December 1985, the American-born Dian Fossey was found murdered in her camp in Karisoke, Rwanda.
The whole look is started with Celestial Zephyrite Traveling Boots. Although I found the boots interesting, they lay unused for ages. So I sat down and tried different styling variations. I also added Zephyrite Shawl and beloved Angler Vest. Best of all I liked a researcher. So I thought I'd do a little cosplay and put my explorer among the Orrian Gorillas.
I hope you have fun looking at the screens and like my explorer!
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Armor Dyes:
Weapons: Tribal Sword+Tribal Staff
Back Item: Divinity's Reach Rucksack


In my mind all of these pieces have very little in common, but they blend nicely here. The treads on the Zephyrite boots are especially rugged -- it's nice to see that payoff in a couple of screens too. Well seen, ieva!
2023-01-10 6:58

I always found the gorillas there annoying ;) You made something beautiful out of it... yes that is in the eyes of the beholder
2023-01-11 9:51


This isn't cosplay, but Dian Fossey wore a safari-style uniform or jeans with a jacket most of the time. So I more or less stuck to that for the colour choice. Since the choice of trousers for the light class is not too big, I opted for a skirt. And the shoes rock the whole outfitt here :)
Thank you for your interest!
2023-01-12 6:27 in reply to mkene2

2023-01-12 6:28 in reply to Frans

Yet another great outfit with the backpack hat!
I like how it's color matched to the shawl and you managed to find a good use for the tribal weapons as well.
2023-03-02 3:36

Many thanks for that!
2023-03-03 3:59 in reply to Gewreid