...this miracle Bird (PHOENIX)

By ieva on October 10th, 2022
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Green
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_______________________A strange fascination emanates from mythical creatures. They do not exist and yet they exist in the minds of many people across continents and cultures. They live in myths, legends or fairy tales. Fabulous as they are, they need no legitimisation from reality.
If dragons, phoenixes and unicorns did not exist, they would have to be invented. But can they be invented? If it were that easy, there would have been many more mythical creatures long ago. Why have they and a few others survived through the ages? From what time do they actually originate? Why did myth take them on, but not Walt Disney's so lovable Donald and Mickey Mouse? Or the Flintstones? Are these creations of our time too close to human beings? Do they express our characteristics and shortcomings too directly?.. They were certainly not invented as caricatures, nor as comic books. As mythical creatures, they have existed for millennia.
I'll spare you the stories about the ancient Egyptians, flamingos, Benu, Phoenicia, etc. That would become a very long story and go beyond the scope here.
...It really exists, and it still exists, this miracle bird, the archetype of the Benu (It is the crowned crane). The appearance of the Benu meant good fortune for the Egyptians, whose weal and woe depended so much on the yield of the Nile flood. But Africa was drying out more and more. The wet savannahs, the habitat of the crowned cranes, retreated towards the equator. The desert spread. Benu came less and less often. The power of the pharaohs waned. The new powers, the Romans, could no longer do anything with the legendary bird. The Greeks transformed him into a phoenix.
Thousands of years later, medieval Christianity adopted it as a symbol for the resurrected Christ. So the phoenix went from being Benu, the Egyptian lucky charm, to the flamingo bird of antiquity and, with the characteristics of the flamingo, to the Christian symbol for the resurrection. So there was such a thing as the phoenix. Real, still existing birds were its archetype. Hidden in the myth is the former significance of these beings for the people...
I recently got the Vermilion Wing Backpack through guaranteed wardrobe unlock. Jumping makes the wings flutter (as does the finisher skill "Jump Combo"). This smudges the screen a bit, but looks really good compared to the older, somewhat stiff wings.
The phoenix theme is mostly used by the cloth and heavy classes (I did it for my guardian a few years ago), so I deliberately went for a look for the leather class. So I unpacked Phoenix Weapons and gave my Ranger a new look. For the gloves I used Shadow's Grip and Luminous Armor for the shoulder. The rest is slightly older armour that I still like, like the Raven Helmet and Requiem Boots.

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Armor Dyes:https://i.imgur.com/RCx3vam.jpg
Back Item: Vermilion Wings


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