Mordant Executioner

By Caporai on September 20th, 2022
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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(16 dyes)
Head: Grasping Dead Visage
(Seraphim, Darkness, Abyssal Sea)

Shoulder: Spellbreaker Redoubt
(Matriarch Brass, Tarnish, Fuchsia, Spring Tide)

Chest: Armageddon Breastplate
(Enameled Generation, Seraphim, Wine)

Gloves: Heirloom Gauntlets
(Prosperity, Midnight Gold, Enameled Generation, Enameled Emblaze)

Leggings: Carapace Tasset
(E.Anamnesis, Seraphim, Enameled Legacy, Spruce)

Boots: Phalanx Boots
(Seraphim, Wrath, Bloodstone Dark Coral)

Backpiece: Dreaded Banners of Palawa Joko I
Weapon: Desert King Hammer

PRI Gray
PUI Black
Jormag Left Eye


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