Mordant High Judge

By Caporai on September 20th, 2022
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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== Equipments and Dyes (16 total) ==

Head: Fanged Dread Mask
(Alemoot, Darkness, Glossy Black)

Shoulder: Scourge's Tendrils
(Enameled Legacy, Abyss, Alemoot, Enameled Perseverence)

Chest: Soul of Koda
(Seraphim, Tarnished Steel, Arid)

Gloves: Foefire Wraps
(Abyssal Ridge, Enameled Legacy, Enameled Generation, Deep Teal)

Leggings: Funeary Pants
(Darkness. Enameled Legacy. Tarnished Steel, Enameled Longevity)

Boots: Bounty Hunter Shoes
(Olive Shade, Pyre, Peanut Butter, Enameled Legacy)

Backpiece: Banners of King Palawa Joko I
Weapon: Mordant Crosier

Toy-Shell Infusion
Polysaturating Reverberating Infusion (Gray)
Polyluminescent Undulating Infusion (Black)


=== Lore =======================

A man cursed with life eternal, whose immortality stems from the selfsame scourge that wrought the Scarab Plague upon the world, which ended the Primeval Dynasty Era. Believing to be lost in Elonian history and was dormant in the now lost city of Fahranur, he came back from the dead when King Palawa Joko entered the domain and awakened both the Inquest and the people who were perished by the plague.

Born into the lower caste in The First City, Fahranur, Fizar was once a man of beauty. Gifted with an extraordinary magic that could heal the ailments from his patients, believing it to be a blessing by the gods. While many citizens followed him, hailing him as a savior, the higher nobles of Elona abhorred his method of healing, claiming it as a hoax that influenced their business.

However Fizar soon concluded that his healing was merely a transfusion, not only transferring their conditions to him, but also claming their boons as his own, further weakening his patients if new diseases would strike upon them, His body also started undergo some changes, which started to deterioate from the disease he absorbed unto himself. revealing black marks around his body that was once his beauty. Fizar realized that couldn't reveal himself to his people and that he had to isolated himself into his estate. But upon doing so, his followers started to wane. Fizar only chose to treat those who were heavily inflicted, and that later took its end.

When the newly crowned twin queens who enjoyed their luxury (Queen Nahlah and Queen Dahlah) got annoited, the manipulating higher nobles took advantage of their new royality. When Fizar went into hiding for his deformity, the nobles enacted their plan to falsely accuse him as a witch doctor who claimed the lives of the infants, Some local even says that lots of locusts started to gather up on his field. deeming Fizar as a traitor and a monster of this kingdom. It didn't take long for citizens of Fahranur to be convinced as they stormed through his estate as an angry mob, to have him lynched up. They eventually found him in the shack on the infested field and revel upon their horror as they see his face (which was disfigured beyond recognition.) Both the Queens didn't attend as they were kept blinded from him. With no one left to defend his innocence and ignoring his plea, the mobs burned him up along with his locust-infested field.

Once the fire started, the world around him stopped as he gazed upon the events of Exodus of the Gods. where Abaddon, a fallen god granted magic freely to the races, causing the races to go on war upon each other. The event ended where Abaddon was felled and the other five Gods left the world.

Upon learning that the gods have abandon them, and knowing that his prayer and blessing was nothing but empty words. Even in those who he believed in, they all mocked and laughed at him. What was left of his sanity, his mind was twisted by spite and bent on revenge, Fizars last words was only curses upon the citizens before the flames engulfed him to his death. What remained of him was a charred body that was buried unceremoniously.

While his last words were ignored, the disease he absorbed into his body managed to scourge the land he was buried in. Ingrained in the fields with malady, it inflicted upon those who harvested there with a disease which spread to everyone in the kingdom, putting the end to the Primeval Kings. Since the blame was shifted upon the twin Queens, the recordings regarding of Fizar was forgotten, only his tale as a healer remained which they put Joko's name on it as their savior, while the romantic novels were used for theatre production regarding about Lumo.

Rumor has been heard recently from Garden of Sehborin in Domain of Vabbi that a Troupe Actor from the theatre production were completely drained into a husk by a faceless man, and some masks has been stolen from the scene. There was another rumor that there is a 4th High Judge who has been recently annoited in the Necropolis by the 3 High Judges. What awaits for us from this accursed judge is unknown. But many speculate that he's gathering an army of his own, both from the free awakened without purpose and those who are still loyal to now presumably perished Palawa Joko.


I like the story, armour mix seems very coherent. Good work! Gold
2022-09-25 13:49