Shimmering Mirage

By Aurelie on September 18th, 2022
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Purple
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New player, first fashion. I did best what I could with what is now available. For sure I will update it in future when I will have more skins from store to play with. This is for my Mesmer inspired by my favourite skins in game: Shimmerring Aurora. Aurora skins have beautiful combination for purple, blue, pale blue, hints of green and dark shades, going perfectly with Mesmer theme colors of shades of purple, pink, blue and white. It was challenge and fun trying to match all colors as best as I could. Sadly there is no good high heel boots in game (apart from ones from store) so it was hard to find matching boots ^^, but I think it all plays well in the end.

No photoshop used, only ENB. Screenshots done under different light conditions for full view.

Skins used:

Head: Water Dragon Crest
Shoulders: Dusk and Dawn Shoulders
Chest: Feathered Vestments
Gloves: Pyre Gloves
Leggins: Aurora
Boots: Exalted Boots
Backpack: Canthan Spiritualist
Weapons: Shimmering Aurora Staff

Dyes used (order is from left to right, top to bottom):

Head: Crystal, Electro Blue, Pastel Wine, Arcane
Shoulders: Crystal, Celestial Blue, Paster Winter, Electro Purple
Chest: Crystal, Pastel Wine, Celestian Blue
Gloves: Sand Shark, Crystal,
Leggins: Electro Purple, Permafrost, Crystal
Boots: Permafrost, Arcane, Crystal
Backpack: Glint's Rebellion, Core Ice, Crystal, Sand Shark


Much better than my first look, but still work in progress indeed. Keep it up :)
2022-09-24 18:15