From Student to Martial Arts MASTER

By ieva on September 3rd, 2022
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: White
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______________________ The monastery of Shing Jea is the centre of the island of Shing Jea, where students have been trained in all kinds of classes for centuries. These include the ancient Canthan arts of the assassins and the ritualists. All students are assigned to a grand master depending on the class they are learning. These have further instructors who teach the students in more precise specialisations. The monastery is the most important teaching institution in the empire and, until a decree by Emperor Kisu, accepted students from all over the world.
Physical and mental focus and concentration are at the forefront of many martial arts. Fighters should not attack each other blindly or in anger. The movements are rehearsed like dances. They should not cause any unintentional injuries.
Therefore - and for the sake of their effectiveness in acute cases - the fighting techniques are studied to perfection. There are so many repetitions that the techniques can be used completely automatically in an emergency.
My intention was to create an armour for heavy class, which could be seen as light armour. (Here is the first variant: where I was not completely satisfied). I hope I was successful thanks to the martial artist's armour pieces mixed with the monastery leggings and the Jade Tech Cuirass. Since my character is only level 4, can't wear shoulder pieces :)

What happens on the training grounds of Shing Jea Monastery in Seitung Province? How does one live as a student at Shing Jea Monastery? Years of hard training. A farewell to master. And the first student of his own who is enthusiastic about martial arts...The fight scenes were fun, but also difficult when you have to pay attention to lighting, character position and movement (I must have done 500 screens). But I hope the pictures speak for themselves.

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