A cultural ATTACHÈ

By ieva on August 11th, 2022
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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A cultural attaché is a diplomat with varying responsibilities, depending on the sending state of the attaché. Historically, such posts were filled by writers and artists, giving them a steady income, and allowing them to develop their own creative work while promoting their country's culture abroad. However, many countries’ cultural attachés serve a different purpose.

A cultural attaché is an attaché responsible for cultural affairs at a diplomatic mission. In diplomacy, an attaché is the companion of an envoy. This companion is a member of an embassy and is responsible in his special department, for example, exhibitions, promotion of his language abroad, support of schools and universities in the host country.

An interesting fact is that there is a myth from the Cold War period that the title of cultural attaché is often used as a cover for secret service agents who are supposed to receive diplomatic immunity. As a result, "cultural attaché" is also often deliberately used as a euphemism for an intelligence agent.

This look started with hat... The hat thing is a bit strange - usually it's more associated with the sombrero, for whatever reason, although that's a Korean gat, a traditional headgear for men (perhaps because it's less well-known). A man without a hat was considered not fully dressed during the Joseon Dynasty. Especially for high-ranking bureaucrats and scholars, the Gat was a symbol of honour associated with their status.... And so is my character: whoever wants to can see Latin American (sombrero is part of the traditional costume in these areas (especially in Mexico), the bright colours speak for that and new shoulder part easily passes as a poncho; the other way round can also see as scholars with Asian/ Korean gat. And as I mentioned above, myths with secret service and agent stories can't be ruled out either :)
So I wish you much fun with my diplomat, cultural attaché.
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Weapons: Beaded Greataxe * Beaded Warstaff


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