The CALLA - the Most Elegant Flower of all

By ieva on August 2nd, 2022
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: White
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Originally, the calla grew quite carefree in the swampy areas from South Africa to Malawi. Because it is alternately swampy and then dry again there, the calla has been able to develop not only into a beautiful but also a robust plant.At first it was called Richardia. It was discovered there in the 18th century by an Italian with the peculiar name Giovanni Zantedeschi. He brought the beauty to Italy and there the newcomer was given the name of the discoverer. The name apparently did not catch on, because we all know it by the name Calla (from the Greek kalos (beautiful, pleasant, beneficial))...
The most striking thing about the calla is its elegantly shaped calyx. It is actually just a single bracts that develops directly on the stem and then slowly opens with an elegant sweep until you can look deep into the heart of the flower. And lo and behold, there you will find the real, very small flowers on a sensuous bulb in the centre of the calyx.

If any flower stands for immortality, it is the calla. The gently curving white blossoms were already seen as a symbol of eternal life in earlier times. This could also be the reason why the calla is or was a flower of mourning in many countries.
But the flower has other symbolic meanings. It is the flower of purity and sympathy, it stands for beauty - and it is considered a lucky charm! It still has this meaning from the time of the Greeks and Romans. Because the shape of the flower is reminiscent of a wine goblet, for them the flower belonged to celebrations, festivities and good humour!

The snow-white, curved bracts of the calla, which are mistakenly called a flower, are often compared to a woman's body because of their perfect, curvaceous shape. It symbolises the sensual, delicate, vulnerable, feminine. An elfin, mysterious flower. It is a fascination in the plant world and who would believe that it has a deadly secret? All parts of the plant are poisonous and cause irritation and swelling of the mouth and throat, vomiting and diarrhoea. I've read that the leaves are sometimes eaten cooked, but honestly, I wouldn't try it. You don't have to eat everything, do you?
When I saw this staff at Festive Weapons, I first thought of a look for my sylvari. After a few weeks of trying it out, I decided on the human character. And now my calla - a girl, a flower with a slender and elegant silhouette. Sometimes flowers convey something to you that you can't put into words. So look at the screens and let the flower speak...

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Weapon: Spring Warmth
Back Item: Grand Sun Catcher


baba yaga
Fashion Collector
this looks good and i like the jacket, it is so stylish!
2022-08-02 21:48

Fashion Guru
Such a poetic look, once again you create such a beautiful look with stunning inspiration
2022-08-03 4:10

Thank you! I like this jacket too, it can be combined so well with other armour pieces :)
2022-08-03 17:31 in reply to baba yaga

Thank you very much, I'm glad you like my calla flower
2022-08-03 19:44 in reply to TheKimmynator

I love it. She breathes magic, mysticism, unknown worlds begging you to come and discover them, if only you just...
Just... Wow.

It's also wonderful how mysterious she is, without immediately shrouding her in black dyes and infusions.
2022-08-09 14:17

Thank you for compliments!
2022-08-11 15:38 in reply to Mydwryl