Clothloving guardian

By Mydwryl on July 26th, 2022
Race: Charr
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Blue
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Despite the large claws, sharp teeth and rock hard muscles, this is a gentle kitten. Her profession calls for heavy armor, but nothing stops her from dressing it up with softer-looking textiles to better suit her inner self.
A great guardian who, after intense training from her warband, heads to the kitchen to heal them with something delicious.

The scarf in her shoulder part was still periwinkle when she started with the Order of Whispers, but after Claw Island... She's never been the same after Claw Island.

*Items used*
helmet: none
shoulders: ebon pauldrons (Eye of the North) in pitch, gun metal and glint's purview
chest: carapace breastplate (Silverwastes) in pitch, pitch, glint's purview and periwinkle
gloves: banded gauntlets (random loot) in glint's purview, pitch and gun metal
leggings: Elonian tassets (PoF storystep 'The Departing') in pitch, gun metal, glint's purview and periwinkle
boots: banded greaves (random loot) in pitch and glint's purview

weapons: pact fleet greatsword and pact fleet staff (all Black Lion Weapons Specialist)

I love making grounded looks without many items you can only get after a lot of fuss. After all, you can enlist to Fashionwars at any moment, even before you hit level 80.
Not that I always succeed in that idea, but I give it a try.


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