Mordant High Judge

By Caporai on July 2nd, 2022
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Gold
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The Necropolis is a place of great reverence and mourning where the dead are interred here. With Vabbians appealing for their loved ones to become Awakened. To serve Palawa Joko in death is considered the highest honor.

There are 3 High Judges who decide those who are deemed worthy to become awakened or not. However there's a 4th one who dwells further down in the crypt beneath the court.

Formely a Scarabmarshall (before losing his rank against the Wurmmarshall Osa Ekolo with her superior Junundu Wurms) and later becoming a High Judge, Fizar of the Mordant Crescent who weren't blessed by the gods in birth values those that has their hidden potential even in their death, hiding them from the world. Able to commune with the scarab beetles, he uses them to scout the whole Elona in order to gather intel and find person of interests.

It all began when Palawa Joko killed The Last Spearmarshal known as Tahlkora. When Joko tried to awaken her, she somewhat gained her free will. Fizar in his pre-awakened life, upon discovering that it was goddess Kormir who granted her the blessing, (as well as the true event about The Nightfall) has found a new purpose, both in his life and death.

His task was to find those who were blessed by the gods, claiming them as his own through his experiment. Mainly those who were blessed by Kormir, he needed to gain access to The Dark Library. However this proved too much of a difficulty since Joko burned and fabricated most of the history of Elona and converted many of them as his loyalist.

Before Fizar's death he made lot of campaigns while collecting wondrous loots and artifacts, in order to make merchants of Vabbi to vouch him deemed worthy to be Awakened by the judges without Joko's interference. He also managed to attain a maiden from Temple of Kormir (with the help from local bounty hunters who takes their job carefully), and later takes her to his vault in the crypt where he proceeds to sacrifice her in order to attain her blessing, which he succeed. With the preparations ready, It was time for Fizar to become Awakened.

Upon Awakening, with the maidens blessing known as The Divination, Fizar managed to retain his free will, while still serving for Joko, fooling him. Fizar was mainly absent in many of the events due to wandering of to places in searches for clues and artifacts while upon returning to Elona he was sticking to his role as a High Judge in The Necropolis, awakening and recruiting those of personal interest to his side, granting them both with blessing and curse.

When Battle of Gandara occured following the demise of Joko, that was the opportunity for Fizar to enter The Dark Library where Kormir left the world. With the ghost army leaving the Tomb of the Primeval Kings and The Divination blessing he claimed from his sacrificed maiden, Fizar finally manages to enter, claiming most of the secret that both Kormir and Abaddon left.

Cataclysm in Orr and Nightfall in Elona, it will be his for sure, but for now, he's biding his time and trying to recruit many of those that is still loyal to Joko and eventually to him, to establish a new order, Mordant Eclipse.

Hello fashionistas, This is my first attempt of uploading my toon here. Inspired by our lovely Deathblade Kenny and many of his creations, especially his "Mordant High Chieftain", as well as Hobas "Drezhul the Scourge King", This is my Mordant Crescent Scourge with hidden agenda.

Overall I'm happy with my toon starting from the Banner Backpiece and Mordant weapons with their sick-looking tar effects dripping from them. It was hard to find the right dyes, some of them were pretty expensive. Anyway I hope you guys like it. Will upload more pictures once I get my laptop working.


Following item I have used:
Head: Wraith Masque
Shoulder: Scourge Tendrils
Chest: Soul of Koda
Gloves: Foefire Wraps
Leggings: Funerary Leggings
Boots: Bounty Hunter Greaves.
2022-07-03 6:53

Fashion Guru
I love the colors.
2022-07-13 14:38

Thank you Saulot. I will add the list of colors once I get my laptop working again. ;)
2022-07-13 19:56 in reply to Saulot

Hey Caporai, any chance we could get an update on the dyes? Would love to update my scourge's look.
2022-09-24 13:45