Fantasy Journeys after CANTHA

By ieva on May 23rd, 2022
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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______________________Cantha is an old land, and one that has been occupied by humans from their first days. In fact, the northern coastline of Cantha is the earliest known location of human settlements.Although Cantha has its own history, over the years it has suffered from the Jade Wind event, internal wars, criminals, isolation and the Great Tsunami. Despite this, Cantha has stood firm and today is a prosperous place with a strong empire.
It was a beautiful spring morning. The sun was laughing from the sky, the birds were chirping their songs in the wind. She went to the meadow and lay down among the flowers and grasses and closed her eyes. From the distant temple she hears the Canthan music playing softly...
A Norn in Cantha! An artist! An observer!.. Who is she? Oh, she... A norn who has made her way from the most remote and backward region of Shiverpeaks...
First of all, why travel to Cantha? Who put this idea into her head? What would she do there?... And besides, does Cantha even exist?
Petrified Echovald Instrument served as inspiration for this look. I wanted to show my dreamer making a fantasy journey to Cantha. For this I chose my Norn with blonde braid. And "the journey" started with Canthan Sun Hat. I added versatile Jade Tech Vest, which perfectly covers the naked parts of Embroidered Pants (which always bothered me). Raven Ceremonial Sandals and Prayer Bead Wraps go great with the light canthan styling.
So have fun with my Norn.... "voyages imaginaires" through Cantha.

Armor Dyes:
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Weapons:Vindicators Greatsword
Back Item: Petrified Echovald Instrument


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