Suave Fashionmancer

By Skorge on May 9th, 2022
Race: Norn
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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A look I've settled on for a couple months now. I wouldn't call it an edgy look but understandable if you think so. I appreciate comments.

Head: Glint's Gaze (Gem store)
Shoulder: Primitive Mantle
Chest: Elonian Vestments
Hands: Corrosive Touch (Harbinger)
Legs: Embroidered Pants
Foot: Swaggering Boots (Gem Store)
Back: Shatterspark Cape (Gem Store)

Spectral Axe (TP)
Spectral Warhorn (TP)
Mad King's Greatsword (TP) (Doesn't match, it's for the drip)
Ice Reaver Pistol (When I play harbinger)

alt head: Inventors Glasses (Gem Store but super cheap)

Abyss, Midnight Blue, Silver, Winter Frost, Regal (Pants only for waist sash)
Since the outfit is mostly Abyss, you can accent any color instead of the blue shades. Chest jewelry looks good in silver/gold shades

Pricey outfit, but not legendary pricey.


Overall very nice presentation and amazing screenshots with good originality. I think you could use to play around more with the blues available to you to better match the spectral weapons - specifically the leg accent.
2022-05-10 3:19

baba yaga
Fashion Collector
The bone on shoulder matches the nothing. How about Tempest's Loop? And some glitter for boots - Requiem Walkers Skin or similar
2022-05-10 16:02

yea I was trying to stay thematic to being a necromancer but the outfit ended up being something else entirely lol - Tempest loop looks good. I'll play around with that later
2022-05-10 16:10 in reply to baba yaga

I'll keep playing with the shades i have - have any recommendations? :)
2022-05-10 16:10 in reply to Rylen