Crystal Hunter

By ashamed on April 3rd, 2022
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Gold
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trying to update the armor and dyes used but the site shows error everytime im trying to upload it


Fashion Collector
The tool for colours and armour hasn't worked for years (you can enter a description).
Now about your character... Ok, I'm going to assume you haven't played GW1. You say you haven't bought EoD either, but looking at your styling I come to a different assumption: you haven't even seen a trailer of EoD.... seen. Here on the site there are some examples where people made Cantha-like outfits before it was even known that EoD was coming, get inspired (if you type Cantha in the search box you will find it)! I don't see any reference to Cantha styling here (so nothing the least bit Asian inspired!).
2022-04-03 7:51

2022-04-05 20:27

Fashion Collector
Looking closely, I see that the Siege Turtle saddle bears resemblance to your armor.... If that was your intention to imitate a saddle, that's fine, lol
2022-04-06 16:53 in reply to ashamed

2022-04-10 4:45

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