Elsa Hrímgard (Ice Ranger)

By SvenSmorgasborg on April 2nd, 2022
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Black
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I went for an ice knight/ranger look, using the snow diamond infusion.
Shoulders: Medium Houndskin Mantle- White, Ash, Black
Chest: Elegy Chestguard- Darkness, Tar, Darkness
Arms: Etherbound Gauntlets- Darkness, Tar, Ash, Winter Ice
Legs: Vigil's Honor Leggings- Darkness, Darkness
Boots: Bladed Boots- Tar, Darkness
Back: Forest Archer Cape- White, Darkness, Midnight Blue, Darkness
Snow Diamond Infusion for skin effect.
Cobalt (Greatsword)
Main Hand: Dragon Slayer Sword
Off Hand: Abyss Stalker Axe


Fashion Collector
I hope this will be finished at some point? And are there more pictures, descriptions...? Looks mysterious and interesting, but too little to rate
2022-04-03 7:54

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