Gift of the MONKEY King

By ieva on March 19th, 2022
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Green
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An ominous mist suddenly covers the sky above the magnificent bamboo forest where she is staying. Strange, loud creaking vibrations spread through the air and she, a fine sylvari girl, falls unconscious to the ground. Then the causer - a monkey king - appears and, with his staff, emits one hypnotic wave after another....
As the mists disperse and fresh wind caresses her cheeks, she wakes up again and looks around. Between her fingers she feels delicate bamboo leaves. As soon as she pushes the leaves aside, something begins to glow, and only then does she see a small monkey holding three Canthan lanterns... Is this a gift from the Monkey King?

This is my short story * inspired by Lucky Great Monky Lantern

At the moment I'm mainly playing my Sylvari Necromancer. I've already tried a few looks with new Canthan armour pieces. In particular, I changed her hairstyle (she had the rose hairstyle before) and I wanted something typical for Sylvari but with Cantha vibes. And that's how this styling came about.... Since I used to love experimenting with colours and effects (I'm not a fan of infusions), I went for Touch of Madness. I combined the item "Lucky Charm Large Monky Lantern" and the Pyre Gloves (all in orange). The gloves look like the additional lanterns. The contrasting colour is light green. And almost by accident, I looked at the chest piece of the Sylvari cultural armor (T2) in the preview window. I found this very interesting mix with back item. A monkey in the forest :) I also coloured the waistband of the leggings and the ribbons green, it's a good transition to the top (and looks like a drooping leaf). For the sceptre I had doubts: first I had Xiuquatel (because of the dragon effect), then I tried Shadow Snake Sceptre. In the end I decided on the Jade Tech Scepter. The handle of the scepter has a golden colour, which is repeated with the colour of the monkey on the back and the needle in the hair. I think it all goes well together. Since I only changed the hairstyle of my Sylvari girl, she still glows blue in the dark, - maybe a different glow colour would be nicer, but that doesn't really bother me.

I hope you are also excited about her new hairstyle and armour mix!

============== Apparently the page still doesn't work properly, can't use colors / armor parts tool at the moment========================

More Screens:
Weapons: Jade tech Scepter * Touch of Madness
Back Item: Lucky Great Monky Lantern


Monkey hiding in the bushes!
2022-03-22 8:12

Exactly like that :)
2022-03-22 16:41 in reply to Gewreid

Wait, there was a lot more i wanted to say that got lost in the edit. ^^"
Basically that i like the combination of the light, casual looking pants and the more bare looking, plantsy top. That's a combo i really like on sylvari generally and have on my mesmer as well.
And that matching/repeating the glow of the lanterns with the gloves is a very cool and creative touch.
2022-03-23 4:15