Polly Pistolmouth, Mechanist look

By TheKimmynator on March 16th, 2022
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
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Polly Pistolmouth, a bit of a wildcard.

Once a crewmember of some runaway pirate crew, then a landlubber bandit... However, nothing brought her more joy than tinkering, enjoying the workings of machine and tech, so she set out to become a Mechanist.

Although quite short for a norn, she makes up for it with the sheer force of her blows.
Not to mention her new Jade Mech, who she appropriately named Cherry Bomb, because Jade Bomb just didn't have the same ring to it...
I wanted to create a new look for my engineer, given the new spec, using armor pieces I had not used often yet. The Vigil chestpiece always had this mechanical feel to it so it seemed appropriate for this look. I wanted her to look rough and tough, but still a little agile. IF we could only dye the jade mech, I would definitely have given it a red twist for the sake of the name, but alas. That's also why I left the glove canisters a matching jade-green, for cohesion.
Council Watch Faceguard: Sincerity
Medium Antique Shoulderpads: Oil Slick / Burnished Steel / Oil Slick
Vigil's Honor Jerkin: Oil Slick / Sincerity / Midnight Blue
CJ-1 Command Sleeves: Burnished Steel / Midnight Blue / Slime Green / Onset
Leystone Leggings: Ruin / Midnight Bronze / Midnight Blue
Forgeman Boots: Burnished Steel / Midnight Bronze / Ruin

Stormcaller Mace / Adamant Guard Shield


Cute screens with the mini raccoon:)
2022-03-17 5:25

Fashion Guru
Hehe it snuck into some of the screens, bought the red panda just recently, it's so cute!
2022-03-17 7:26 in reply to ieva