Zhu Hui Rong Pt. 1

By TheKimmynator on March 12th, 2022
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Red
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Coming from a long line of warriors, Zhu has trained to channel her Canthan ancestry into the powers of Saint Viktor and Archemorus. A guardian of the empire of sorts, she never signed up for the Imperial Guard, prioritizing her freedom to explore over standing idly by, waiting for evil to strike. She prefers to seek out adventure.
I created this character from scratch just to have some Canthan link to the new Vindicator spec, it felt appropriate. Her look is kind of imperial guard, yet not, so I figured I'd give her an ''Ally of the Empire'' angle, with a hint of ''Commander''. Still a little uncertain of the chest and/or leggings, it's not the most original part of the mix. I might change it with some new EoD armor when I unlock it, but for now I do enjoy this set-up. Also added an obligatory classic Revenant blindfold because, she's a rev after all and the hairstyle deserves some airtime.

Let's call this one a ''Part One''.
Head: Heavy Antique Helm: Scarlet / Radiant Brass / Tar / Radiant Brass
Head: Resplendent Curtain: Bloody Red / Scarlet / Sunfire Lava
Shoulders: Ancient Canthan Spaulders: Tar / Sunfire Lava / Tar / Bloody Red / Scarlet
Chest: Carapace Breastplate: Scarlet / Tar / Radiant Brass / Scarlet
Gloves: Heirloom Gauntlets: Tar / Scarlet / Tar / Radiant Brass
Leggings: Triumphant Legplates: Tar / Radiant Brass / Scarlet / Scarlet
Boots: Ornate Guild Greaves: Midnight Ice / Radiant Brass / Scarlet


Fashion Collector
Very well done, and, obviously, very suitable for Cantha.
2022-03-13 7:35

Fashion Guru
Aaaah thanks!
2022-03-13 14:15 in reply to Saulot

I'm really loving the look!
The helmet looks awesome and the shoulders work together well with the spiky gloves and Greatsword.
Very canthan with a healthy mix of edgy rev and ornate imperial.
2022-03-14 4:58