Ghost of Hallownest (Hollow Knight)

By Black_Templar on January 24th, 2022
Race: Asura
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Black
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After recently playing Hollow Knight, I decided to make my guardian baste on the knight (player).

The hardest thing to get was the greatsword and chest armor. After getting the character to lvl 80, I started mix and matching the armor pices. I quicly realised that most armors were reflective/shiny which I didn't want. So I came up with this.

The dyes are a bit expensive but can be changed.

Permafrost with Celestial or Crushed Bone dye.

Shadow Abyss with Shadow Blue or really with any shadow dye.

Hope you enjoy it!

Armor and weapon used:

Head – Dark Templar Helm
Shoulders – Raven Mantle
Chest – Illustrious Breastplate
Gloves – Worn Scale Gauntlets
Pants – Worn Chain Legs
Boots – Worn Scale Boots

Backpiece – None
Glider - Vermilion Wings Glider

Greatsword – Malumres Greatsword

Dyes used – permafrost (helmet/ wings), gray (shoulder armor), shadow abyss (everything else)