Hero from the Grove to the MIsts

By Gabriel on January 7th, 2022
Race: Asura
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Black
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My experiences? Well, let's start in the Grove then. There i was awakened and thrown into Tyria. At first it was enough to stay there but my desire of curiosity took me further than our capital. Firts i explored the Maguuma Jungle and after Kryta, and Shiverpeak Mountains, Ascalon, and then to the Ruins of Orr - nasty place might i add - were i've participated in the endeavors of Trahearne to stop Zhaitan. but then things change with Mordremoth. Seing frinds lost their trust on me becouse of a stupid plant/mind dragon - that was so stupid it kill himself by the way - but fortunately everything well, and now i'm here

Yes, i see you got some... expirience, but the job is to be a magician in a kids party

I'm a mesmer, im good at tricks and ilusions you'll not be disappointed. i have a deck of cards too

But why do you want this job?

Being serius now, this stuff of "hero" does not pay well - nor the Priory too - and i need the money... Do you now how much Legendaries cost? it ain't cheap.

Ok then, i'll think about and... and i contact you all right.
Headgear - Enchanted Dragon Crown
Shoulders - Ebon Epaulets
Chest - Requiem Gambeson
Gloves- Warbeast Gloves
Legs - Requiem Breeches
Boots - Path of Koda
Back - Shrine Guardian
- Eclipse

Colors used
- Eternal ice
- Arcane
- Black
- Bloodstone Dark Indigo


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