Ventari Healer Revenant.

By Roscuro on December 2nd, 2021
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Green
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Trying to go for a druidic look to match a ventari themed healer revenant. My problem is trying to find lighter heavy armor styles. My thoughts so far on changes are the glowing green mask once it comes back to the store, I might replace the racing scarf with the ebon pauldrons, and I was thinking of grabbing the maguuma gloves and boots to match the weapons the most due to no boots looking good on charr and the only other likely option would be zephyrite wind gauntlets if they didn't look so unnecessarily big on charr, my best bet so far for the chest is the scallywag chest piece as it just has the least metal by virtue of being next to nothing (and it looks pretty good with the racing scarf and ebon pauldrons), and I have no real idea what to do with the leggings slot. Any recommendations would be appreciated.


Fashion Guru
I love the look. Really well done, and def fits the theme you're going for (def giving a gold). Only major things I would change is using the Maguuma gloves and boots over what you currently have.

Maybe throw in nightmare armor over the mistward stuff (chest and legs), or stuff that has a leather look about it or close to. Like Koda, Braum's, Scallywag (as you said), Bear Ceremonial, or Raven Ceremonial.
2021-12-05 18:18

Thank you so much, I really appreciate the feedback. I think I'm probably gonna go with nightmare leggings as it looks good with the asymmetric pieces I already have.
2021-12-06 20:17 in reply to Saulot

Great work, love the look of it.
2022-01-05 10:59