Carnivorous Sylvari

By Gewreid on November 26th, 2021
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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Rustling leaves and billowing fog, distant howls and sudden shock...
Lone travelers and farmers beware, it is that dreaded time of year again where the Mad Realm seeps into our world and is capable of twisting even harmless plants into horrid abominations. A simple gourd might adopt not only the Mad Kings visage but his murderous temper as well...

Searching the wardrobe on my Sylvari Ranger for a new plant-like Outfit. i noticed that, depending on the colors, the accursed guise reminded me a lot of a venus flytrap.

The combination of the Pumkin Crown with the Smasher hammer was something i had in the back of my mind for a while and as halloween was around the corner and the Untamed got announced, i decided to go for this Outfit. It is rather simple and straightforward but i had a lot of fun making it and taking the screenshots.

The weapons i used are Contagion and Pumpkin Smasher.
Pumpkin Crown: Dye Remover
Firstborn Shoulderguards: Sour, Dusky
Accursed Guise: Envy, Dusky, Lemon Tint
Nightmare Court Armguards: Dusky, Sour, Lemon Tint
Nightshade LeggingEmblazoned Bootss: Grass, Green Apple, Oxblood
Emblazoned Boots: Swampblack, Shale, Natural


Fashion Collector
I love it!
2021-11-29 7:36

Fashion Guru
If I were mean (as you keep claiming), I would say: you copied me ;) I like the pumpkin head (or Carnivorous Sylvari)
2021-12-07 16:10

I might copy you even more as i happen to be working on plantsy look using the bounty hunter chest for my ranger... ;)
But yeah, it's interesting to see different takes on the same concept/look.
Here the focus was really more on the coat and that it reminded me of a venus flytrap.
I actually like yours more as a look to make the Pumkin work. This one is pretty straightforward and one-note.
2021-12-08 3:21 in reply to Frans