Chaoseer harlequin

By yirumith on November 23rd, 2021
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Red
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A little less than thirty years ago a new race was born in Tyria, we know the Firstborn and the Secondborn, but of the latter there is a missing sylvari that took almost two decades to leave the chamber of Omphalos ... Terrified by what the asuras had done to some of her siblings, Alessana secluded herself alongside the Avatar of the Pale Tree, exploring the world through her clones. The Chantry of Secrets was no exception; After being arrested and interrogated, she became part of the Order, reaching the position of Preceptor and the right hand of her elusive leader, who would always be in her shadow to protect her ... Or him?

Years later, she would finally leave her confinement to rediscover the world, awakening an active, outgoing and sociable personality that fits almost perfectly into the role she adopted outside the Order, a harlequin. Thanks to this she has been able to meet important people of all races, bringing laughter and chaos wherever she is.
Slightly inspired by the Shadowseers
(Warhammer 40k) with a musical base, I wanted to keep the essence of a jester (bright colors) with the details of a fantasy world, trying to make it look as natural as possible.


The dyejob certainly gives that harlequin feels. I do feel the top/bottom piece being from the same set does not contribute to the novelty of this look. Also, I do not get the chaos part of the description.
2021-12-08 20:06