Eneba the Olmakhan

By Lucy Luft on November 21st, 2021
Race: Charr
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Gold
Vote Breakdown
1 3
2 0
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Eneba likes the colour green, world peace and running through the grass. She preaches nature and if you don't listen she'll use the hammer.

I wanted an Olmakhan like looking Charr. My 2nd account got that plastic surgeon kit when reaching 5k points and voila my rev got remodelled.
I used the cheapest skins. All armor is Barbaric. Hammer: The ugly stick, swords: Al-Muhl's Jaw.
Dyes a mix of Gold, White Gold and Ebony.
I liked the outcome so much, that I'll redo it on my main account next time.


Fashion Guru
...here will certainly a few people give you gold out of spite or boredom. But please tell me seriously, what is creative, fashionable, etc. in your look? Barbaric armor if needed we can look at GW Wiki and that since 2012.... Nowadays even the NPCs in game is dressed more creatively by ANet ;)
2021-11-23 17:30

Now now, no need to be rude. Out of spite or boredom...
Sure creative and new armor combinations are always more exciting/creative than full armor sets but there's nicer ways to say that.

Apart from that, i do like the look and the overall feel/impression it gives.
The spots on the fur work quite well with the barbaric gloves and shoulders, and so does "the ugly Stick" which also matches the horns super well.
Finding decent armor for Charr is always hard... ^^"

The chest is probably pretty set in stone for an olmakhan themed look and to show off the fur but i do encourage further experimentation and trying out different pieces to refine and improve the outfit on your main account where maybe you have more skins (or resources to go for skins that you like and fit).
2021-11-24 5:19 in reply to Frans