Grizzled Ranger of the Wilds

By Gazemir on November 17th, 2021
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Black
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This is my take on what a ranger wandering through the Tyrian wilds would look like after a number of years out there. I drew some of the color inspiration from the guild I was in when starting out in Guild Wars 2 back in 2013 (black & gold were their colors). Enjoy!


The outfit is comprised of the following:

Head - Whisper's Secret Hood
Shoulders - Rubicon Shoulders
Chest - Heritage Jerkin
Arms - Krytan Armguards
Legs - Rubicon Leggings
Boots - Emblazoned Boots
Back - Forest Archer Cape & Quiver

Bow - Eir's Longbow
Greatsword - Greatsword (Just the basic one that 'ya start with)

Discuss this look on Reddit at GuildWarsDyeJob!


Fashion Guru
Aaaah it looks so good! I enjoy the gritty and muted colours, not too bright and shiny, he really looks like he's been roaming through the woods for some time.
2021-11-17 15:26

Fashion Guru
What colors are you using?
2021-11-18 16:28

A very nice and basic "Ranger" look hitting the classical fantasy.
I like the fact that the black dyes used are more natural and not the common, detail drowning super dark ones.
Everything fits well together but isn't too monochrome.
2021-11-19 3:16

Nice ranger look. A few remarks... Your pictures are a bit small (but still sharp enough to see details!), use ingame zoom under options to present your character better. And second thing - I like newer back item, but here you have 2 hoods (so to speak, that's a bit buttered). A solid silver from me
2021-11-23 17:40

I really like your ranger! Definitely serious and without unnecessary fiction! At the same time, stylish and seasoned! Gold!
2021-12-06 6:09

Finally! Someone who uses the super basic greatsword very well! I always like the basic greatsword simply because it is the most realistic one (ie the smallest).
2021-12-08 21:39

Looks like a medieval secret ops!
2022-01-03 12:49