Faeilaeth - My sylvari firebrand scholar!

By magentameow on October 13th, 2021
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Blue
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Hi, I haven't posted my own looks before, but I've been wanting to for a while! I did a little photoshoot with Fae here around the Priory base! This is one of my older looks, that I'm very hapyp and settled with. The final image shows the look more clearly in wardrobe :>

Her skins are:

Helmet - Firebrand's War Miter (she only wears this sometimes)
Shoulders - Fanatic's Mantle
Chest - Carapace Breastplate
Gloves - Warlord's Gauntlets
Legs - Warlord's Legplates
Shoes - Carapace Greaves
Cape - Emblazoned Cape

Axe - Celestial Axe
Focus - Celestial Compass

Griffon - Fire Pinion

Her dyes are: Electro Blue (for small gem details), Celestial (for fabric and outlines), White Gold (for most of the golden metal), Tarnished Silver (for warlord's pieces, as they take the gold slightly differently), Shy blue (for fabric)

I also posted on reddit a few days ago: https://www.reddit.com/r/GuildWarsDyeJob/comments/q3fomr

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I Like your look a lot
2021-10-14 10:07

Ah, tysm! :>
2021-10-14 18:17 in reply to Zignatiker32

Very beautiful and unique look! She's so gorgeous, I've always liked seeing her ingame, her palette is so delicately balanced and her armour combo is just stunning
2021-10-14 23:28

Ah tysm, I've always loved to hear from you!
2021-10-14 23:31 in reply to Damaris