Harmy Harm

By harm on October 12th, 2021
Race: Charr
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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This is one of the variations of my main character that I've pretty much mastered, IMO. I love purples, whites and various golds, so I think this nailed it.

Shout out to my friends who told me to come here and do this!

For whatever reason It was not letting me post the armor and dyes here.
Enchanted Winter Antlers- Prismatic, Recall
Holographic Dragon Shoulders: Illumination, Prismatic, Electro Purple
Pitfighter Chestguard: Illumination- Electro Purple, Electro Purple
Immortal Light Ring: Illumination, Prismatic
Legion Tassets: Lemonade, Illumination, Prismatic
Etherbound Greaves: Illumination, Electro Purple, Electro Purple, Prismatic

Shrine Guardian Backpack: Blacklight, Electro Purple, Recall, Permafrost


Fashion Guru
Dye combo is indeed interesting! She is cute :)

And yeah, armor and dye form is broken for years, without sight for being repaired. :-/
2021-10-12 16:14

Aside from my personal feelings towards the colors (lol), you've got a nice combo for contrast that works pretty well, and brighter dyes are a bit harder to pull off, so props for that too.
Armor mix is great, char are a bit difficult to make look right with their body shape, but she looks like she fits with the style you're going for :)
2021-10-14 8:37

She's a really cute charr and I think she's very expressive in the screencaps. The palette mixed with the sparkliness gives me a magical girl type vibe, which is a fun combo on a charr! :>
2021-10-15 2:11

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