Pumpkin Scarecrow or something Halloween Fun

By Frans on October 7th, 2021
Race: Asura
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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Hello Guys,
I have played very little in recent times and now I have a few days vacation and have some fun ingame again. Today I show my Halloween character. I thought of a scarecrow. So I took beside Pumpkinhead a Bounty Hunters Jerkin (worn coat with thorns and green ivy), added Nightmare Court Armguards, which is also very planty and supports the idea. Very simple pants and worn old boots. To better convey neglect I also use Nightfury (so I am surrounded by bats). For my back I found Blooming Druid Stone suitable - some branches with some leaves supports the whole impression of weathered figure. As a weapon I use Smasher.
As for the colours, I have dyed part of the coat with destroyer orange - this is to look as if pumpkin juice/meat (after carving on the head) has run off. Charred colour - for other part of the coat and trousers. Also different shades of green. The thought was that the pumpkin scarecrow is already so old, attacked by weeds, entwined with ivy etc.

Constructive criticism is welcome.
I hope you like Asura and have a lot of fun ;) If not - you can get inspiration here: https://i.imgur.com/32SVqex.jpg


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