Dragon Warrior

By QuentinGarcia on October 5th, 2021
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Gold
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3 2
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This kinda got put together once I finished making the armor for my Warrior.
Head: Crimson Glowing mask
Shoulders: Draconic Pauldrons
Chest: Draconic Coat
Hands: Draconic Gauntlets
Legs: Draconic Legs
Feet: Draconic Boots
Back: Draconic Wings Backpack


Fashion Guru
The sight is stunning, this looks very complicated.... 2 colours and 5 pieces of Draconic armour... I'll now turn off irony mode and ask you, what do you want to show? Lack of ideas and creativity? Then you have succeeded!
2021-10-06 3:02

Frans, why be such an african wasp? Is mercy possible in that small, asuran body of yours? The amount of meanness from you is wrong, and shouldn't be tolerated in the slightest from you, or anyone.
2021-10-06 21:37 in reply to Frans

Fashion Guru
Dear Kalmar, there are enough people here who write: "I think your outfit is great" and give bad ratings (if you look at their acc. you will see that they have given only bronze medal). Troling? Maybe on purpose? Here are also enough people who behave like African wasps - write no meaningful comment (or delete comment) and give 0 points (often for presentations, which is very well done or is quite ok). Is this about own taste? Or trolling again? I always (or in 95% of cases) leave my comment and say directly my opinion, justify why I so rate what I see. I see on GW2Style some good things and also some grotto bad. Should I look past the bad presentation without comment? Is a not reaction better than bad criticism?
And in this specific case - what do you see here? Pictures? Not available. Armor mix? I can look at that in armor gallery, my praise goes to ANet. Or the author statement: "once I finished making the armor for my Warrior"? Be honest, what medal would you give?
2021-10-07 4:02 in reply to Kalmar

There's no excuse for rudeness Frans. And on one hand, yes, we are on a platform that justifies critique, but you're being needlessly cruel on a forum where people show their loves and passions. Perhaps a little grace is needed, hm? The old saying goes, 'If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all', and for all your preaching of those mystical scapegoats who only leave copper reviews, your own medal history isn't exactly a glowing commendation, so at least be aware when you say things like that.

Quite frankly, I've seen a lot of your unpleasant comments today, and I'm honestly upset by them, even when they're not directed at me. They're miserable to see, and when not too many people are commenting on this site anyway, that just makes it even worse.

Say what you will, but please Frans, if you have nothing nice to say, just leave it. People wouldn't be posting here if they didn't care about what they're posting, and this forum is more a tool to help share and inspire fashion than beat down what we may dislike.
2021-10-15 0:28 in reply to Frans